Kale Banana Green Smoothie for summer

Kale Banana Green Smoothie Recipe

If you’re not living under a rock, surely you must have heard about the healthy green vegetable – Kale.  And yet, many people just give up so easily on kale. It has a slightly bitter taste, making it hard for many of us to include it in our diet. But there is a secret! If cooked, Kale loses its bitterness. And, if you want to eat it raw, you can blend it with other vegetables and fruits like banana that would soften its taste. Therefore, Kale banana green smoothie is the perfect way to eat Kale.

So our recommendation for today is a creamy Kale Banana Dates Smoothie. It’s hard to believe, but even kids love this green smoothie. This smoothie is so yummy, you can relish it as a creamy ice cream and it is 100% natural with no fats or sugar. Summer is the time when many fresh vegetables and fruits are available in the market. So, if you want to cool off in these hot summer days, try this healthy, nourishing  smoothie.

This sweet green smoothie will nourish your body and mind and also give you much energy you need in summer! It is also an excellent way to teach your children to eat vegetables! Continue reading “Kale Banana Green Smoothie for summer”