How to Make a Fresh Green Smoothie

How do you make a homemade green smoothie?

If you are new to green smoothies and wondering how to make a homemade green smoothie that tastes like the one you get in juice bars, you have come to the right place.

Essentially, a green smoothie is just a blend of fresh green leafy vegetables, sweet fruits and water. To help you gauge a good beginner’s proportion of greens to fruit, I’ve included measurements below. But I personally never measure my greens or my fruit when I make Fresh Green Smoothies. Since we’re dealing with fresh produce here, it’s hard to standardize measurements. A small very ripe banana will tend to be sweeter than 2 medium un-ripe bananas. “Three leaves of kale” could be tiny or gargantuan, depending upon the bunch you bought.

What do I put in a green smoothie?

You can use any kind of greens, and it’s good over time rotate your choice of greens. But keep it simple. Continue reading “How to Make a Fresh Green Smoothie”