What is a green smoothie, anyway?

fresh green smoothie

green smoothie basicsWhat’s the green shake for?

Wondering what is a green smoothie? A Green Smoothie is a handful of fresh greens and a handful of fresh fruit, all whirled up in the blender with the best water you have on hand.

Well, that’s the short answer, anyway. There are actually many, many – perhaps inexhaustible – ways to make a green smoothie. But today, let’s just talk basics about these green shakes.

Green Smoothie Basics: Greens, Fruit, and Water

Green Smoothies are made with greens. There are green smoothies and then there are fresh green smoothies. So, what’s the difference between them?

Well, you could make a green smoothie out of some milk, a frozen banana, and a couple tablespoons of powdered greens. Though that would be a far more nutritious drink than a McDonald’s shake, it wouldn’t be a Fresh Green Smoothie. Fresh Green Smoothies are made only with fresh greens.

We don’t mean to knock powdered greens here. There are some excellent products out there, and they have their place. Anybody can benefit nutritionally by adding a quality powdered green to their diet. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, a powdered green may be a valuable component of your diet.

But I’d never, ever enjoy a smoothie made with that powder, as I enjoy my fresh green smoothies. I love to make my green smoothies from humble parsley, fresh kale, baby spinach, or home-grown sprouts. Let’s further explore the basics of a green smoothie.

So What’s a Fresh Green Smoothie and why Should we care?

Fresh greens are green leafy vegetables that are still living. They still have the life which is not cooked or dried out of them. Fresh greens still possess their living enzymes, the magical components that give all living things their viable life force.

In addition, fresh greens as a group are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. They are low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-fat, while at the same time high in minerals, and vitamins. They are the natural elements your body requires to run smoothly.

The closer that fresh greens are to their original growing state, the more packed they are with vitality and nutrition. So, for example, greens tumbled out of a plastic container from your grocer’s produce section are simply not equal to greens you’ve cut from your garden, or from a pot growing on your windowsill.

Green Smoothies for Mainlining Vitality

Green foods are nothing short of an intense nutrient injection into your system. They are certainly the biggest nutritional “bang for your buck” that you could buy or consume. And when you blend greens up in your blender, you get all these valuable enzymes and nutrients fully.

When you drink Fresh Green Smoothies, you mainline these enzymes and nutrients into your system, and the mechanism that gives you your energy and health jumps into action. It’s got what it needs and runs with it! Your body is literally waiting on you to pour these enzymes into your system so that it can do its job.  It can then serve you quietly in the background without symptoms of fatigue, pain, or disease!

When you provide your system the living enzymes and rich nutrients it craves, you get a potent boost of well-being. When you don’t provide the enzymes and nutrients, you experience your energy being thwarted.  You then experience either constant cravings and restlessness, or listlessness and fatigue. And certainly, it’s easy then to start to fall into degenerative states of imbalance and disease.

Chlorophyll – the Happy Magic Behind Fresh Green Smoothies

The regenerating, cleansing, infection-fighting, healing, and detoxification properties of chlorophyll-rich greens are well-known. With all that power lurking in fresh greens, waiting to be used, just think of the amazing changes you might unleash by jacking up the greens in your diet! You’d be turning yourself into a high-performance machine rather than the sluggish-engine-needing-a-tuneup that most people possess.

When I’m drinking Fresh Green Smoothies throughout the day, it feels like there’s liquid sunshine in my bloodstream.  And why not? Chlorophyll is manufactured in partnership with sunshine.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment formed in most plants when they are exposed to sunlight.

A fact I find extremely fascinating is that a chlorophyll molecule and a molecule of hemoglobin (heme) in blood closely resemble each other. Both are made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms organized around a central atom. In the chlorophyll molecule, that central atom is magnesium, while in heme it is iron.

Heme is an essential molecule for life — it is involved in sensing and using oxygen in your bloodstream, an extremely powerful role. Heme’s oxygen-related role and its correlation to chlorophyll is certainly a key to why Fresh Green Smoothies are so amazing in the body.

When I jack up my intake of Fresh Greens, often just overnight I begin to feel an increase of oxygen in my body. I experience an increase of ease and peacefulness, similar to the sensation one gets after a good aerobic workout. It’s well-known that aerobic exercise is recommended for depression-sufferers.  Fresh Green Smoothies have a similar effect. Try them out and see for yourself.

What Fruit Should I Add to My Fresh Green Smoothies?

When greens and fruit are blended together, the greens act as builders and the fruit acts as a cleanser. They have a perfect teamwork. The greens detoxify and the fruit flushes out, the two of them working in harmony.

You can put whichever fruits or fruit combinations you want into Fresh Green Smoothies. Any kind of sweet fruit, such as apples, pears, bananas, mangoes, oranges, grapes, or papaya serve as a good base.

Berries of all kinds are great in Fresh Green Smoothies. They taste best when combined with other sweet fruits as they do not have much sweetness of their own. If you want to keeping the glycemic level of your diet extremely low, then berries are perfect for your smoothies.

Can I Put Frozen Fruit Into My Fresh Green Smoothies?

When I first started out making Fresh Green Smoothies, I kept bags of frozen fruit in my fridge and used them daily. But then I realized that these foods were just as dead as the cooked foods I was moving away from. I consequently haven’t used frozen fruit in my smoothies for years.

A living thing is permanently affected by freezing. Freeze your hand solid overnight and tell me tomorrow after you’ve defrosted it if it’s anywhere near its original state. In fact, it will die and will have to be lopped off; that’s a fact. Similarly, meat that’s frozen in a freezer, its  cells are damaged during the freezing process. Living tissues are made of cells containing water, which expands when frozen, ultimately causing the cells to explode.

Putting frozen bananas and frozen mango into your green smoothie will most certainly be delicious. But it will not be a bonafide Fresh Green Smoothie made from living greens and living fruit.

Because Fresh Green Smoothies are all about maximum nutrition and vitality for your dollar, time, and consumption, I invite you to consider switching to only fresh fruits as your primary ingredients. Consider the frozen varieties in the same category as dried greens — they are backup for the sake of convenience, when the real deal is not on hand.

Does It Matter What Kind of Water I Use?

It will definitely matter to your health what kind of water you use when making your Fresh Green Smoothies. Your body is made up primarily of water. Use the very best quality water you have access to.

The subject of how to create the best water possible for yourself is a rich and critical subject on its own.  But for now:

  • If you’ve been drinking un-purified city tap water, at least invest in a decent counter-top filtration system, or use spring water.
  • Water bottled in glass is better than water bottled in plastic.
  • Pure water out of your own well is generally better than anything you could buy at the store.
  • There are also excellent “water alkalyzers” that sit on your counter and purify the water while they also raise its PH content. I use one of these for my water, and it’s pretty nifty.

But whatever you do, just make sure you use the best water you can.

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