How to Make a Fresh Green Smoothie

how to make a green smoothie basic recipe

How do you make a homemade green smoothie?

If you are new to green smoothies and wondering how to make a homemade green smoothie that tastes like the one you get in juice bars, you have come to the right place.

Essentially, a green smoothie is just a blend of fresh green leafy vegetables, sweet fruits and water. To help you gauge a good beginner’s proportion of greens to fruit, I’ve included measurements below. But I personally never measure my greens or my fruit when I make Fresh Green Smoothies. Since we’re dealing with fresh produce here, it’s hard to standardize measurements. A small very ripe banana will tend to be sweeter than 2 medium un-ripe bananas. “Three leaves of kale” could be tiny or gargantuan, depending upon the bunch you bought.

What do I put in a green smoothie?

You can use any kind of greens, and it’s good over time rotate your choice of greens. But keep it simple. There is no reason for complexity, and in fact the simpler your Fresh Green Smoothies are, the better your body will be able to digest and absorb the special nutrients that they carry. A good ratio to use when making green smoothies is 60% fruit to 40% greens.

A newbie to Fresh Greenies will generally enjoy them on the sweeter side. But your tastes will adjust after awhile and you’ll want less sugar and more greens. There are no hard-and-fast rules, though, only guidelines. Mostly importantly, learn how to make the smoothies that taste good to you so that you’ll enjoy drinking them, and drink them often!

After you’ve blended your smoothie, taste it before you pour it out. Add fruit or greens as per your personal preference.

Which blender to use for making green smoothie?

When I first discovered Fresh Green Smoothies, I had a $20 two-speed “smoothie blender” I picked up at Wal-Mart. I achieved my entire personal transformation using that blender, and I enjoyed drinking all the smoothies that little pipsqueak of a machine churned out.

However, when I later picked up a powerful 3+ HP Blendtec Total Blender , my experience of drinking Fresh Green Smoothies jacked up as much as my vitality had. I’d never want to go back — the pricier Blendtec was worth every penny. So, if you can afford it, get a Blendtec. If you can’t, no need to worry. Your smoothies will just be a bit “chewier”… but there’s no harm in that.

However keep this in mind: there is evidence to show that the 2+HP blenders have the ability to break through the cell wall of the fruit & veggies in your smoothies, making them all that more digestible and their nutrients all the more “bio-available” to your system!

Preparing Your Greens and Fruit for blending

Still wondering how to make green smoothie? If you use organic produce and you have a Blendtec, everything is quick and easy: Rinse the produce and throw into the blender whole, except for fruits that have pits or rough external skin. You don’t need to peel or core your apples and you can use the stems on your greens. There is no need to dice everything into small pieces. If you have a powerful blender, you can put all ingredients in, press the button, and presto, in 40 seconds your smoothie is done. Maybe you’ll need to add ice at the end.

In addition, I use water to create at least a 32 oz finished product, so I don’t have to repeatedly jam the fruit & veggies down to get it to blend. There is sufficient liquid in the blender to get the job done quickly and easily.

If you don’t use organic produce, I recommend that transitioning over to more organic – besides the pesticide residue you’ll decrease in your system, and your contributing to more balanced agriculture, studies have revealed that organic fruit & vegetables do indeed have more nutrients. And I’ve taste-tested many times — organic produce is definitively sweeter, more mineral-rich, and more tender than produce grown using pesticides. As for food preparation, you’ll have to be more aware of removing peels and skins, roots and tops. Do what you need to do to make sure the food is clean and safe.

Spinach and other Greens for making Green Smoothies

Spinach is the green of choice for beginners. It has a strong, tannic flavor when cooked, but when it is raw it has virtually no flavor at all. Instead, it gives a flavor of intense “freshness” when combined with fruit. Parsley is also very refreshing and enjoyable for beginners. I tend to use Parsley far more frequently than Spinach these days because it’s much, much cheaper and I’ve tightened up the purse strings. As you begin to branch out, try other greens: Kale, Arugula, Watercress, Beet Greens, Collards, Dill, Cilantro, even Broccoli. Later you can even experiment with making Fresh Green Smoothie with sprout, which make “green smoothies” of all lovely colors — purple, fushcia, orange, and yellow!

In general regarding fruit:, choose “sweet” fruits as the basis of your combination. You may use less sweet fruits such as berries for extra flavor, unless you want an extremely low-sugar, very tart smoothie.

Simple Greens and Fruit Combinations for Green Smoothies

One of my all-time favorite smoothie combinations is Spinach and Pear. It tastes like “essence of pear”… super-refreshing! Try 2 pears to a handful of spinach.

Another excellent combination is Parsley and Mango. This makes for a gorgeous spring-green smoothie, and these two flavors really complement each other. One mango should suffice; add a banana or some grapes if you want it sweeter.

Spinach with Banana & Vanilla is great, especially if you add a bit of ice — it’s like a pretty, green, vanilla shake! Use 2 bananas with the spinach, and add either a dash of organic vanilla extract or a 1″ piece of vanilla bean.

One I make frequently is Grapes with Parsley. It’s extremely refreshing, and one that I generally make when I’m less inclined to sip — for example, when I’m taking one to the gym or making a smoothie after an intense workout, or when I’m getting my third glass of smoothies in at the end of a busy day. Use the grapes from a nice large bunch!

You can find many inspiring green smoothie recipes at Raw Family website.

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe for Beginners

how to make a green smoothie basic recipe
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Basic Green Smoothie Recipe for Beginners

Course Breakfast, Drinks, Snack
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 persons
Author Just Green Smoothies


  • 1 cup Fresh parsley or spinach leaves
  • 2 cups Fresh sweet fruit
  • 32 oz Water
  • 1 cup Ice cubes Optional


  1. Put all ingredients in the blender and mix at high speed, till a smooth puree like blend is formed. In Blendtec blender, it can take up to 40 seconds. If you have other low HP-blender, you might want to give it a full minute or more.

  2. You may pour the smoothie into glass & drink immediately, you may take it with you by filling it into ice-filled water bottles. A normal blender has capacity to fill two large water bottles.

  3. To clean up the blender, just rinse it with hot water, then tip over to drain & dry. You do not need to use soap as you have not used anything oily.

  4. After getting your smoothie feet wet, begin tinkering with these proportions.

Recipe Notes

Optionally, you may add one to two cups (a larger handful) of greens. You may try various combinations using collards, kale, watercress, dill, arugula, broccoli,  beet leaves, or any other green leafy vegetables of your choice! You can also play with fruit combinations and adjust the fruit quantity as per your taste.

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