Happy Green Smoothie Day !!

green smoothie day

International Green Smoothie Day – August 15

Dear Green Smoothie Adventurers … Happy Green Smoothie Day! International Green Smoothie Day is on Tuesday, August 15th. It’s time to celebrate the Green Smoothies! Isn’t it great to know that we have an official day for nourishing our bodies with green smoothies – a blended healthy green concoction?

Thank you for stopping by this page, because you see, what you’ve just stumbled upon may very well change your state of health FOREVER!! How? Well, what if everything you thought you knew about health, diet, calcium, protein etc. suddenly crumbled before you? What if all the sufferers of cancers and arthritic knees in the world, just started to DROP dramatically

Well, consider this: Vegans, Vegetarians and especially Raw Foodies are constantly asked this question: “Where do you get your protein?”

elephant rhino vegetarianYou just have to look to some of the planet’s mightiest creatures (elephants, buffalo, horses, great apes, to name a few. And you can realize that THEY are entirely raw food vegetarians who don’t seem to be suffering from any apparent lack of protein!

Honestly, the layers of indoctrination run deep about food. With all the complicated terminology, physiology and medical advancement, it’s no wonder people have lost touch with their bodies.

You can thrive on nothing other than the stuff you’ll find at at your local fruit and vegetable market. But, very few people really understand how easy it is. All those pastas, breads, cereals, meats and cheeses actually cannot even begin to offer you the vitamins, minerals and nutritional BOOST that you can get from eating fresh fruits and green vegetables!

So What IS a Green Smoothie?

delicious green smothieGreen Smoothie is a delicious blend of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Well, it is a blended concoction of fruits (can be non-sweet fruits like cucumber, too) and leafy greens, all whipped up in the blender with water!

Until you’ve eaten them for a few days, you can’t even begin to imagine the effect that it could have on your overall health and energy. The addition of fruit helps soften the bitterness of certain vegetables. So, while the thought of blended spinach and bananas may not appeal to you initially, until you taste yourself, you can’t imagine how good it is!

You can find more about Green Smoothies here. Rather than try to convince you of the value of the Raw Diet or Green Smoothies, we figure there’s no substitute for the real thing and some practical experience.

3 Important Tips To Getting Started On Green Smoothies

If you’re like me you may be surrounded by people used to eating a diet with A LOT of animal products– dairy and meat. So it is always exciting to meet a few Green Smoothie pioneers out there. If you are inspired to improve your health, it can start with Green Smoothies.

Green smoothies provide vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients in significant quantities. To make green smoothies, you just need a good blender, ripe fruits, green leafy vegetables and a little water.

These blends of fruits and green vegetables offer various health benefits:

Nutrients in Abundance

Green vegetables provide minerals, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants as well as amino acids contributing to the manufacture of proteins. It is therefore important to vary the sources of green vegetables to consume all these elements essential to our body.

An alkaline effect

Our diet and our way of sedentary and stressful lifestyle make our body acidic. Vegetables, especially green leaves, are alkalizing. The consumption of green smoothies makes it possible to restore the acid-basic balance of our body.

A source of chlorophyll

The chlorophyll present in plants will neutralize the toxins in our body and will help us purify our liver. The consumption of chlorophyll provides the oxygen necessary for the proper functioning of our organs too.

Those who dare to experiment, admittedly make a few nasty concoctions before they figure things out. And so in the name of sparing a few grimaced expressions in the world, I offer you these 3 Important Tips for getting started on Green Smoothies:

1. Keep it Simple. Very Simple.

Even in perfuming you learn, one drop at a time. Test your fragrance. Avoid dumping a mass of ingredients into your blender and hoping you get lucky. I strongly recommend starting with something very simple and easy. The classic banana and spinach.

2. Start With a Small Amount of Greens and Upgrade

Don’t gross yourself out on the first try. Just throw in a few green leaves of spinach, or a bit of collards, chard or romaine, and then blend it up. It’s okay if it’s not bright green the first time. Just allow yourself to adjust. Some greens are better than no greens, that much we know for sure.

3. If It Tastes Like Your Lawnmower, Try Again

Some greens have a much stronger taste than others. Collards and spinach can seem to have a more neutral taste than something like kale. Just experiment and see how it goes. Celery is great, too, and not too strong a taste when it’s fresh and crisp.
Be willing to experiment, but don’t let one failed Green Smoothie experiment get you down. There’s so much to be gained by incorporating more Green Smoothies into your diet.

And while it’s not a tip, I also suggest you have fun with it. Pull out the fancy goblets and add a sprig of mint or a slice of orange to your glass. Presentation can be everything! Get the kids involved by letting them pour and dump ingredients in the blender, and then pass out brightly colored straws!

And finally allow yourself to find your own Green Smoothie rhythm! You may find you like to blend your greens first and then add fruit, or you may find you like to create the blended fruit base and then add the greens and blend some more. You may like elaborate recipes like we would share here or you may prefer one fruit and one green. It’s Okay — do green smoothies any way that works for you!

So, even if you haven’t tried green smoothie yet, it’s perfect time to join the green revolution on this Green Smoothie Day. Drink, share, enjoy … and then tell us about your experience!