Are green smoothies really good?

Green smoothies: Full of health benefits or hype?

Green smoothie is new trend that comes straight from the United States. More and more people are becoming literally addicted to this ultra-healthy drink for health. There is even a day marked as International green smoothie day! So, are green smoothies really good for your health?

Do you know that certain lifestyle habits, such as not eating enough fruits and vegetables, may increase risk of mortality? You may be surprised to know that fruits and vegetables have the highest nutritional density. And, a simple way to integrate them in our diet is through green smoothies. Green smoothie is a liquid-based drink containing blended fruits and green vegetables.  Thus, green smoothies are really a great way to eat more leafy vegetables. As a breakfast or snack, it is one of the best sources of energy, moreover, it is simple and quick to prepare. These days, a bad diet is the cause of many modern lifestyle diseases. Green smoothies can be a good remedy to prevent such diseases. Continue reading “Are green smoothies really good?”

Happy Green Smoothie Day !!

International Green Smoothie Day – August 15

Dear Green Smoothie Adventurers … Happy Green Smoothie Day! International Green Smoothie Day is on Tuesday, August 15th. It’s time to celebrate the Green Smoothies! Isn’t it great to know that we have an official day for nourishing our bodies with green smoothies – a blended healthy green concoction?

Thank you for stopping by this page, because you see, what you’ve just stumbled upon may very well change your state of health FOREVER!! How? Well, what if everything you thought you knew about health, diet, calcium, protein etc. suddenly crumbled before you? What if all the sufferers of cancers and arthritic knees in the world, just started to DROP dramatically

Well, consider this: Vegans, Vegetarians and especially Raw Foodies are constantly asked this question: “Where do you get your protein?” Continue reading “Happy Green Smoothie Day !!”

Welcome to Just Green Smoothies

Welcome to Just Green Smoothies

I know many people just don’t like green smoothies or green vegetable juices because they associate them with a bad taste. If you are one among them, I’d prove that you can really make your green smoothies delicious. On this site Just Green Smoothies, I’d be sharing hundreds of healthy recipes of green smoothies, that I really love. These super yummy green smoothies will get rid of your morning lethargy and start your day with a healthy boost. Continue reading “Welcome to Just Green Smoothies”