5 Simple Paleo Green Smoothies

Perfect Paleo Green Smoothie Recipes

Are you following Paleo diet for weight loss? Looking for new recipes so that you have a variety in your diet? Then, you have come to the right place. Here, I’ll share a few Paleo green smoothie recipes that you’d find delicious, refreshing and energizing.

The recipes I’m going to present to you today are very easy to make. You will need just a blender to be able to make these Paleo green smoothies. You can consume these green smoothies at your breakfast, after a good workout for active recovery, or anytime you please. It’s up to you!

What is Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet, also known as the “Cavemen’s Diet”, is one of the most nutritious diets that is trending these days. Followers of this diet consume fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish and seafood. According to nutritionists, it reduces the risk of intestinal cancer by up to 50%. Continue reading “5 Simple Paleo Green Smoothies”

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

Matcha Green Tea Smoothies to Boost Your Health

Delicious and creamy, smoothies are an excellent way to start your day. It is the ideal choice for those who care what they eat, but they also want to enjoy a delicious taste without compromising the flavor. In addition, they are a great way to ensure your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. You can prepare them easily, and you can be as creative as you want choosing ingredients.

For smoothies to be more nutritious and flavorful, we recommend adding green tea to them. Not just any green tea, but Matcha – the Japanese green tea. Here we share Recipes of 4 Matcha Green Tea Smoothies– for you to experiment and find your favorite mix! Continue reading “Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipes”

How to Make a Fresh Green Smoothie

How do you make a homemade green smoothie?

If you are new to green smoothies and wondering how to make a homemade green smoothie that tastes like the one you get in juice bars, you have come to the right place.

Essentially, a green smoothie is just a blend of fresh green leafy vegetables, sweet fruits and water. To help you gauge a good beginner’s proportion of greens to fruit, I’ve included measurements below. But I personally never measure my greens or my fruit when I make Fresh Green Smoothies. Since we’re dealing with fresh produce here, it’s hard to standardize measurements. A small very ripe banana will tend to be sweeter than 2 medium un-ripe bananas. “Three leaves of kale” could be tiny or gargantuan, depending upon the bunch you bought.

What do I put in a green smoothie?

You can use any kind of greens, and it’s good over time rotate your choice of greens. But keep it simple. Continue reading “How to Make a Fresh Green Smoothie”

Goji Berry and Incan Berry Super Food Smoothie

Super Food Smoothie with Goji Berries and Incan Berries

Are you looking for a breakfast smoothies that can give you the energy boost to last long till your lunch? Then, you should try this gorgeous bright orange smoothie made with two Super Foods – Goji Berries and Incan Berries. This is one of my all-time favorite raw super food smoothie recipes for starting the day, or just any time you really want a “zing” for your taste buds and energy. My daughter just loves this one. It’s the recipe she most requests, and it includes two super foods on my Top-10 Superfoods List.

Goji Berries – King of Super Foods

Goji Berries could be considered “the king of superfoods”. They look like little red raisins, and easily beat out oranges for their Vitamin C content, carrots for their beta carotene, and steak for their iron. They’re high in antioxidants and Vitamin B, and they’re a complete protein source (all 18 primary amino acids , and a few more), very rare for a fruit. Continue reading “Goji Berry and Incan Berry Super Food Smoothie”

Kale Banana Apple Smoothie Recipe

Kale Banana and Apple Smoothie

In summer mornings, it is best to start your day with a fresh smoothie that is full of vitamins! Today I want you to try out a smoothie made from Kale, Bananas, apple and fresh apple juice. This Kale banana apple smoothie is even loved by kids, who otherwise hate to eat veggies .

kale green smoothie for kids You may be already aware that Kale is a green vegetable, rich in nutrients. It is rightly considered a super-food because of its high antioxidant content, not seen in other vegetables. Continue reading “Kale Banana Apple Smoothie Recipe”

Kale Banana Green Smoothie for summer

Kale Banana Green Smoothie Recipe

If you’re not living under a rock, surely you must have heard about the healthy green vegetable – Kale.  And yet, many people just give up so easily on kale. It has a slightly bitter taste, making it hard for many of us to include it in our diet. But there is a secret! If cooked, Kale loses its bitterness. And, if you want to eat it raw, you can blend it with other vegetables and fruits like banana that would soften its taste. Therefore, Kale banana green smoothie is the perfect way to eat Kale.

So our recommendation for today is a creamy Kale Banana Dates Smoothie. It’s hard to believe, but even kids love this green smoothie. This smoothie is so yummy, you can relish it as a creamy ice cream and it is 100% natural with no fats or sugar. Summer is the time when many fresh vegetables and fruits are available in the market. So, if you want to cool off in these hot summer days, try this healthy, nourishing  smoothie.

This sweet green smoothie will nourish your body and mind and also give you much energy you need in summer! It is also an excellent way to teach your children to eat vegetables! Continue reading “Kale Banana Green Smoothie for summer”

Are green smoothies really good?

Green smoothies: Full of health benefits or hype?

Green smoothie is new trend that comes straight from the United States. More and more people are becoming literally addicted to this ultra-healthy drink for health. There is even a day marked as International green smoothie day! So, are green smoothies really good for your health?

Do you know that certain lifestyle habits, such as not eating enough fruits and vegetables, may increase risk of mortality? You may be surprised to know that fruits and vegetables have the highest nutritional density. And, a simple way to integrate them in our diet is through green smoothies. Green smoothie is a liquid-based drink containing blended fruits and green vegetables.  Thus, green smoothies are really a great way to eat more leafy vegetables. As a breakfast or snack, it is one of the best sources of energy, moreover, it is simple and quick to prepare. These days, a bad diet is the cause of many modern lifestyle diseases. Green smoothies can be a good remedy to prevent such diseases. Continue reading “Are green smoothies really good?”

Green Smoothie Magic Formula

Magic formula for Green Smoothies

The Green smoothie is not a new thing. It has been popular in the blogosphere for last ten years. And you can see mouth watering pictures of smoothies every day on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. If you are new to green smoothies and wish to know if there is any magic formula for making those wonderful green smoothies, you have come to the right place! We’ll also share an easy to make Spinach Kiwi Banana Smoothie Recipe here.

What is a green Smoothie?

Green smoothie is simply a concoction of green veggies, fruits and a liquid such as water or vegetable milk. The principle of making a green smoothie is very simple: Just blend raw leafy green vegetables with fruits and water. Why? Because it’s good for health! Continue reading “Green Smoothie Magic Formula”

Happy Green Smoothie Day !!

International Green Smoothie Day – August 15

Dear Green Smoothie Adventurers … Happy Green Smoothie Day! International Green Smoothie Day is on Tuesday, August 15th. It’s time to celebrate the Green Smoothies! Isn’t it great to know that we have an official day for nourishing our bodies with green smoothies – a blended healthy green concoction?

Thank you for stopping by this page, because you see, what you’ve just stumbled upon may very well change your state of health FOREVER!! How? Well, what if everything you thought you knew about health, diet, calcium, protein etc. suddenly crumbled before you? What if all the sufferers of cancers and arthritic knees in the world, just started to DROP dramatically

Well, consider this: Vegans, Vegetarians and especially Raw Foodies are constantly asked this question: “Where do you get your protein?” Continue reading “Happy Green Smoothie Day !!”

What is a green smoothie, anyway?

green smoothie basicsWhat’s the green shake for?

Wondering what is a green smoothie? A Green Smoothie is a handful of fresh greens and a handful of fresh fruit, all whirled up in the blender with the best water you have on hand.

Well, that’s the short answer, anyway. There are actually many, many – perhaps inexhaustible – ways to make a green smoothie. But today, let’s just talk basics about these green shakes.

Green Smoothie Basics: Greens, Fruit, and Water

Green Smoothies are made with greens. There are green smoothies and then there are fresh green smoothies. So, what’s the difference between them? Continue reading “What is a green smoothie, anyway?”